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Paddy Teddy bear
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Paddy Teddy bear, is 32 cm (12.5 inch) in size, 5-way jointed, has a growler, is made from golden brown colored mohair and is limited to 1500 pieces. Ready to conquer his world. Paddy is a completely new type of bear. Bear lovers spontaneously look at his nose. No wonder - it is a splendid specimen: being large, wonderfully oval and in rosé beige as a contrasting color to the fine, golden brown mohair, it spontaneously enchants the beholder. At the same time, Paddy´s snout is actually very small. That can mean only one thing: Paddy loves the scent of spring blossoms and what he likes best is to sit in the middle of the flower meadow and sniff for tasty delicacies in the softly tempered wind. Paddy comes in a box with certificate of authenticity.

EAN 021015
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