Steiff mohair Fritzle Teddy bear, light beige

EAN 021022
Fritzle Teddy bear, is 28 cm in size (11 inch), 5-way jointed, made from light beige colored mohair, is limited to 1880 pieces, does come in a box and has a certifcate of authenticity and was issued in 2015. It was 135 years ago that Fritz Steiff paved the way for his sister Margarete to become one of the finest toy makers in the world. The master builder gave her motivation, later selling Margarete´s "little elephant" at the Christmas market in Heidenheim Germany. Without his initiative, his skill, things might have been very different. With Fritzle Teddy bear, homage is paid to Fritz Steiff. The bear is very proud to wear a very special satin ribbon. The ribbon is printed with a very famous Steiff advertising design used in the early 1900s which received enormous applause from the Toy Industry. Skillful hand airbrushing enhances the "aged" look of this important little bear.

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